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Hell No Big Pharma! Americans Now Spending BILLIONS On Natural Health Remedies

Americans now spending BILLIONS on natural health remedies including superfoods and homeopathy, while denouncing Big Pharma’s failed medicine by: Isabelle Z. (NaturalNews) As more and more Americans are starting to realize that conventional medicine does not hold the answers to their problems, their spending on natural health remedies is rising. In fact, a study that

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Ebola Outbreak – Hospitals And Military Getting Ready For Crisis – Zombie Apocalypse?

Ebola Outbreak – Hospitals And Military Getting Ready For Zombie Apocalypse Save 15% on your order at Forces of Nature! Use coupon FONAFF15 at checkout! Tags: Ebola, Outbreak, Health

Why Obama Brought Deadly Ebola And Other Killer Viruses To The U.S.

Why Obama Brought Deadly Ebola And Other Killer Viruses To The U.S. By Alex Jones Will the Obama administration be blamed if Ebola breaks out in the United States? Tags: Ebola, Health, Invasion, Globalists, War On America, Obama’s Treason, Viruses

Russia’s Consumer Watchdog Opened An Investigation Into The Quality Of McDonald’s Food

Not Loving It: Russia moots McDonald’s burger ban. Russia’s consumer watchdog has opened an investigation into the quality of food products used at McDonald’s, on top of a lawsuit that could ban some signature products from the Russian market. RT’s Maria Finoshina investigates. See The Latest Camera Drones And Spy Gear To Watch The Watchers Tags:

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Heavy Metals In Your Food Are Making You Dumb, They’re In The Food You Would Least Expect

Mike Adams: heavy metals are making you dumb & they’re in the food you would least expect. Mike Adams on his new lab and the original research he is doing on food contamination.http://naturalnews.com Tags: The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, Health, Heavy Metals In Food

Scary Food: The 3 Most Insidious Poisons You Should NEVER Eat, Drink Or Inject Again!

“Awakenings” with the Health Ranger reveals the 3 most insidious poisons you should NEVER eat, drink or inject again! Scary Food: The 3 Most Insidious Poisons You Should NEVER Eat, Drink Or Inject Again! Tags: Scary Food, Food, Health, Health Watch

#Scandal – Big Pharma Uses Sex And Prostitutes To Sell Meds? #SexAndDrugs

Big Pharma is literally using prostitutes and sex to sell their drug empire to their clients. Read More Tags: Health, Big Pharma, Sex, prostitutes, Sex Health, Health Watch

Expert Warns: GMOs A Threat To Our Planet, Could Cause ‘Irreversible Termination Of Life’

GMOs could cause ‘irreversible termination of life’ on Earth, risk expert warns Ethan A. Huff Natural News March 23, 2014 When discussing the issues surrounding genetically modified organisms (GMOs) — that is, organisms bearing the genetic traits of other species or bacteria — the focus is typically on how safe (or unsafe) these novel, food-like

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Consumer Victory! Subway Restaurant Chain To Remove Chemical from Bread

After introducing on the Alex Jones Radio Show her petition to Subway to stop adding Azodiacaronamide, an industrial chemical banned in UK, Europe and Australia, to its bread, Vani Hari of FoodBabe.com got over 50,000 signatures in the first 24 hrs. And within two days, Subway announced they will be removing the chemical. But much

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Latest Obama Scandal: ObamaCare Is Illegally Taking Money From Bank Accounts

Big Brother ObamaCare Illegally Stealing Money From Bank Accounts Already Video Source: http://www.kgw.com Video: Obamacare Now Taking Over Bank Accounts Tags: Obamacare, Obama’s Scandals, Health, Health Insurance