Epic Puppet: Obama Helped Push The Central Bank Ponzi Scheme Like No Other Before Him

Epic Puppet: Obama Helped Push The Central Bank Ponzi SchemeBy Mike Rivero Via Reluctant Preppers

How has the world changed during these past eight years of the Obama presidency? We offer a comprehensive rational analysis from the perspective of preppers who are concerned about looming risks to their families, the macro and micro conditions that create those risks, and how to keep their families safe.

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PART 1: Macro Scorecard (Global, National, State) Are we better or worse off / safer or more at risk?
1. Global economic stability (debt of sovereign nations, Euro zone …)
2. Global political stability (strength of US alliances, rise of ISIS, effectiveness of US Military, Benghazi…)
3. Global medical risks (Ebola, Zika virus, toxins in environment..)
4. US Border security (illegal immigration, injected political refugees..)
5. US Economic Threat Level (National Debt, derivatives exposure, stock market valuations, real estate valuations, Fed money printing vs. solidity of US dollar..)
6. US Constitution: (executive orders, czars, checks & balances of power, bill of rights, militarization of police, illegal search & seizure, failure to uphold & enforce the law…)
7. Domestic civil stability vs. Patterns of Destabilization towards imposition of Martial law (racial tension injection / taking sides / escalation, inciting sentiment against law enforcement, enabling riots, deploying Justice Dept against local states)
8. Economic Health of US states & Cities
9. Stability of US Infrastructure: roads & bridges, electric grid, water supply, communication, airlines/transportation (more or less stable? more free/open/competitive vs. under govt/monopolistic control?)
10 Environmental and food supply: GMOs, patented foods,

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PART 2: Micro Scorecard (at the family level) – Are we closer to chaos or more secure?
10. Personal Privacy vs. Surveillance (cameras in public places, drones, chips in new cars, SSNs, off-grid private living…)
11. Health Care & Personal Health (open access to medicines, Obamacare coverage & costs, waiting / rationing, review panels, VA…)
12. 2nd Amendment right to keep & bear arms: homeowner’s firearm & ammo possession, rights, privacy
13. Personal property rights vs. eminent domain
14. Access to cash and saving up precious metals: privacy, risk of
15. Stockpiling food & supplies: HOAs / zoning / raising food /
16. Homeschooling / opting out of Federally regulated system (Common Core, mandated PC
17. Religious freedom (HHS mandate, govt defining what churches and parochial schools can teach, etc..)

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