Honorable Jew Exposes That The Holocaust Was Really Just Propaganda And Lies

Auschwitz Labor Camp Swimming Pool InternationalJewsKilledMillions

yuBPVawVideo: What Holocaust? – Documentary

By David Cole ( Born To Jewish Parents)


Video: The Complete David Cole and Mark Weber on the Montel Williams Show

Video: Jeff Rense & David Cole – The Zionist Perversion Of History


Video: Jeff Rense & David Cole – Holocaust Revisionist Historian


Video: David Irving – The Biggest Lie


Video: The greatest lie ever told – The Holocaust – 2015 Documentary HD

Video: Jewish Communism The Biggest Mass Murderers In History – Does this explain why the Holocaust manipulation was created.

Video: Spielberg’s Hoax – The Last Days of The Big Lie

The 6 Million Dead Holocaust Number Has Been Reduced Down To About 1 Million, But More Than Likely It Is Even Less Than That. We Know Jewish Communism Killed 100 Million Mostly Christian Before WW2 And We Know That  Jewish Communists Raped And Killed Around 16 Million Innocent German Children, Women and Men After WW2. Jewish Communists Killed An Estimated 116 Million Mostly Christian People But We Don’t See Movies About That And Jews Still Collect Monet Off The Questionable Holocaust

David Irving – The Faking of Adolf Hitler for History

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