Weird News: Male Realtor Arrested For Stealing Women’s Clothing From Home For Sale

ARLINGTON, Va. – Police in Arlington County have arrested a realtor after they say he was caught on camera stealing clothes from a home being sold.

60-year-old Stephen Brumme, of Silver Spring, Md., was arrested and charged with burglary and possession of burglarious tools.

Police say the victim discovered that several items of women’s clothing were missing from the bedroom of the home in Arlington. The victim reviewed motion-activated web cameras placed inside the home and found Brumme going through drawers and closets and taking several items at the home.

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Brumme was released on bail and his real estate license was immediately suspended.

If your home has recently been on the market and you have noticed items to be missing or suspect to have been a victim of burglary, contact the Arlington County Police Department at (703) 558-2222, or Detective Timothy Parsons at (703) 228-4172. Detective Parsons can also be reached by email at

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